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'Chapter 1' was developed over the course of a month for IGMC 2017 and will be expanded upon and improved based on your feedback. 

'Let's Plays' etc. are encouraged!

Description: TAI is a character-focused/exploration driven RPG. Follow our heroes as they search for answers to questions like: "Why does it never stop rainin' on this island?", "Did that corpse just crawl out of it's grave...?" and "If I burn this whole forest down will that save us some time?"


Elphin, the thief who found himself shipwrecked after one of biggest heists of his theivin' career.

Adara, the witch who found herself stranded after a routine research expedition went awry.

Current Features

  • No levels or equipment
  • A Riviera-inspired exploration system.
  • Fast-paced, meaningful battles
  • A skeletal alchemist with unlockable items
  • A game world that reacts to what's happened


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Was this made with Vx Ace?

Nope! It was made in MV

I like this game. I hope to play continuation of the game. I have a itch to watch that Elphin and Adara cooperate to get out the island. 

Awesome game! I really like the fact you get rewarded for exploring, it's also an interesting change to not have any equipement changes or level ups. The alchemy "shop" system is also nice, I was already stealing everything I could even  before knowing about it. ;D

All in all, keep the good work coming! I want to see this story unfold!


This is fabulous. I really love the exploration system, the artwork, and the combat. I'll be keeping eyes on this, I can't wait to see more :)


I've gotten lots of great feedback - and I have some awesome ideas for how to bridge the gap between RPG/Adventure even further so (for once) I can say I'm really excited to continue working on this!


I love the style and the exploration but I feel like the battles are a little bit too difficult. The guardian stance and provoke system is creative it just seems like the monsters have more than enough time to beat someone to death before you can set up the provoke and still kill them. Following for sure!


Thanks for your feedback! I might make the battles a little easier - but try finding all of the powerups/unlocks through the gauntlet, the skeletal alchemist and exploration - if you get them all things become almost too easy!


This was such a cool game! I love the dungeon navigation, and the art is charming. The battles were fun, and I liked the little trick to getting through the forest.I'll definitely be following this project. 

Now I should head back to the "GAUNTLET OF DEATH"

I'm glad you figured it out! I was nervous that people might not catch on to the way I had set it up - but I really tried to make the pattern noticeable! Have fun in the gauntlet - it sets up some of the minor characters for the fully planned game!